Kiel Area School District Students

Local Enrollment


Part-Time Enrollment

Kiel Area School District student wanting to take one or two classes online, with a majority of their courses completed in the face-to-face environment.


How To Apply:
  1. Log into Genius
  2. Click “Request Course”
  3. Select course
  4. Go to email and print off Course Request
  5. Get appropriate signatures
  6. Return Application to Counseling Office

Full-Time Enrollment

Kiel Area School District student wanting to take a majority of their courses online at home.

Application must be completed at least 10 days prior to the start of a new term.


How To Apply:

Fill out Full Time eSchool Application

Additional Questions?

Contact Jennifer Owen: or 920-894-5169

The Kiel eSchool Mission

All Kiel eSchool students will be provided an environment that promotes their social, emotional, academic, and vocational growth and development in a nontraditional school setting. The Kiel eSchool will: foster a safe, caring environment that accepts and encourages diversity; nurture personal growth through increased self-awareness, individual responsibility, and healthy risk-taking; maintain a learning environment characterized by academic achievement; encourage students based on their needs and life-long interests; strengthen school, community, and family partnerships; and, contribute to the community through developing a well-trained workforce.